Marketing Analytics, Optimizing the Connected Customer Experience


   This is an excerpt from my recent ClickZ column.  

Given the number of channels that email marketers must work with and the continued growth of mobile as a consumer viewport, I sat down with Christopher Nash, senior business optimization consultant at Sitecore, to get his perspective on strategies to build a successful campaign.

David Daniels: Tell me about how your clients utilize web analytics to improve email relevance.

Christopher Nash: Our clients are more and more thinking in terms of providing relevance for customer journeys instead of just email batches. The customer journey is about a variety of digital touches from multiple devices over time. What I hear our clients say is that they want as much visibility – from data – as they can get across these digital touches. I hear clients express frustration when they lose visibility for what an email recipient does when the recipient visits the website. Contrast that with the scenario where you have one analytics that captures data for customer journeys. Our customers get this ability. Suddenly there are new tools in the toolbox for email marketers. For example, in the early phase of the customer journey I see clients personalizing email content based on the digital behavior from the recipient’s recent website visits and conversions. I see clients increasingly seeing an email and website visit as a unified experience for the individual being targeted. The personalization – and increased relevance – used in the email continues to the website visit.

DD: Are you seeing more clients adapt their email deployments for consumption on mobile devices?

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David Daniels, CEO of The Relevancy Group, and former VP and Principal Analyst at Forrester Research

Christopher Nash, Senior Business Optimization Consultant, Sitecore