Spread The Love

Spread the Love

By Peggy Reinders – Principal Analyst

Sweet Talk

It’s Valentine’s Day! The Holiday that I’m convinced was created by Hallmark way back when to sell more cards. Men and women everywhere will take time today to express their love to one another. Whether through red roses, heart shaped boxes of candy, Valentine’s cards at school, or the little boxes of conversation hearts, we all join in the celebration of love (or at least we should, if we know what’s good for our relationships). 😉

In the spirit of conversation hearts, I decided to share today what I love about our latest report findings from The Relevancy Group – “The Emergence of Madtech in 2017: How DMPs Enable People-Based Marketing”.

Be Mine –  Martech Be Mine. For the first time, we see early signs that using an Identity Management solution or a DMP can enhance marketing results (ie. email CTRs are higher). DMP and Identity Management results are usually tied to advertising or offline sales. This is a first, where we see results tied to Martech!

Valentine candy hearts with "Friend Me" saying

The Relevancy Group found that 15 percent of those who had implemented a DMP or identity management solution had higher email CTR than those that didn’t implement a DMP. On the other hand, only 11 percent of marketers who had used CRM data saw such results. In the 24 percent or greater email CTR segment, nearly 9 percent of users of DMPs and identity management solutions achieved that level as opposed to only 6 percent of the total.

As Marketers move beyond CRM data to DMPs and Identity Management solutions, we would expect to see results like this continue. In other words, as the Adtech and Martech relationship keeps growing, we would hope to see red roses on Valentine’s Day, but not a marriage proposal yet.

• Me and You –  Me, the Marketer, has heard a lot from you, the vendor, on why I need a DMP or Identity Management solution. But do you really understand me? Do you know my unique business challenges?

The Relevancy Group found that lack of education is affecting pace of adoption of DMPs and Identity Management solutions. Marketers need to build strong business cases to overcome challenges such as privacy concerns or lack of data centralization (both challenges preventing utilization of data across channels). In many cases, the potential of these types of technologies are already beyond the Marketer’s understanding.

So where’s the love from vendors to educate and help Marketers build these business cases? Do vendors understand that each Marketer may have a business case unique to their organization instead of a one size fits all approach? In other words, treat me like the unique organization I am. Buy me red tulips instead of roses, because roses don’t work for me.

Whatever type of relationship you’re in- Marketer or Vendor- I encourage you to share results with others and help build business cases. Do what you can to help our industry continue to move forward. In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, spread the love.

The Relevancy Group Expands Research Coverage Promotes Nicholas Einstein to Vice President of Research, Principal Analyst

For Immediate Release                                Contact: Tina Mosetis, Tel: 516-487-5866/[email protected]

The Relevancy Group Expands Research Coverage

Promotes Nicholas Einstein to Vice President of Research, Principal Analyst

July 21, 2015 (Boston, MA) – The Relevancy Group, a leader in email marketing research and consulting, announces expanded coverage and staff with the appointment of Nicholas Einstein to Vice President of Research, Principal Analyst. Expansion of services includes Social Relationship Marketing, Identity Marketing Management and expanded RFP services.

Customer demand and industry trends have led to the formal expansion of three critical coverage areas for The Relevancy Group including:

–       Identity Marketing Management: DMPs, Known, Unknown, Identity Realization. The marriage of MarTech and AdTech. Peggy Reinders, Principal Analyst will analyze this market and develop a new buyer’s guide.

–       Expanded RFP Consulting: Expanding beyond ESP (Email Service Providers) RFP’s (Request For Proposal). The Relevancy Group continues to invest in its consulting business unit, with Orlando Tirado as new head of sales.  Led by Chris Marriott, VP of Consulting and Principal Consultant, TRG represents tens of billion emails out to bid annually. “We have a non-biased scorecard driven process, that ensures the users decide on the vendor,” said Mr. Marriott.  “We’ll extend this methodology to channels beyond email,” said David Daniels, CEO and Founder of The Relevancy Group.

–       Social Relationship Marketing:  Social Management, Listening, Execution, and Advertising.  Nicholas Einstein will continue to listen and drive market innovation in this industry.  A buyer’s guide is planned in the coming months.

Newly Appointed VP of Research and Principal Analyst, Nicholas Einstein brings over 15 years of experience to The Relevancy Group where he will guide and manage the research agenda as well as continue to focus on email and social relationship marketing technologies. Previously, Nicholas was the Vice President of Customer Success at SocialChorus- an Advocate Marketing platform. Prior to that, Einstein was VP of Professional Services at Extole, a referral marketing platform. At RealNetworks, Nicholas managed worldwide email marketing operations and customer relationship management. Subsequently he served for five years as VP of Deliverability & Strategic Services for a prominent Email Service Provider (ESP).  Read more about Nicholas http://www.relevancygroup.com/our-team/nicholas-einstein.

Daniels adds “Nick has been an indispensable member to our business for the last two years.  His contributions have elevated our data sciences, research methodology and client relationships. Nick has the essential background to assist in growing the research footprint of The Relevancy Group.”

“It’s an exciting time in the evolution of digital marketing and I’m thrilled to apply my skills and background in a leadership role with The Relevancy Group, itself a leader and guiding star in the digital marketing universe,” said Nicholas Einstein, VP of Research & Principal Analyst, The Relevancy Group.

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Founded in 2010, The Relevancy Group (TRG) provides market research, survey design and consulting. Working with leading brands, vendors, startups and associations, TRG acts as an educator and trusted advisor, optimizing omnichannel connected marketing strategies and tactics. TRG assists marketers (buyers) to connect with vendors (sellers) and manage the vendor selection process.  Each year TRG represents tens of billions of email messages out for bid for new solution providers. TRG publishes research on email, social, mobile, display, data management, digital marketing, wearables, and the Internet of Things. TRG publishes The Marketer Quarterly, the free digital magazine for marketers by marketers.

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