The Email Marketing Measurement Imperative

The Email Marketing Measurement ImperativeThe Email Marketing Measurement Imperative
Advancing Email Marketing Perfomance – Data, Analysis & Inisght
Authored by David Daniels The Relevancy Group, Sponsored by ReturnPath

Email marketers usually fall into one of two categories—those without access to actionable data to help them understand their email program’s performance, and those who have access to the data but neither the time or resources to compile insights that ultimately drive new campaign strategies and tactics.

This 15-page report from The Relevancy Group, a leading market research and digital marketing consultancy, underscores the importance of using email intelligence data to boost email campaign revenue, and outlines the steps marketers need to take to optimize their email programs.

  • How email marketers are using data for measurement and analysis?
  • How competitive intelligence impacts revenue and program sophistication?
  • Which measures and tactics marketers should use to improve their email marketing programs?

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