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Happy Mother’s Day: 5 CMO Mothers Talk Work Life Balance

Happy Mother’s day to all of our friends and colleagues. Here we look back on 5 interviews from The Marketer Quarterly where these CMO mom’s talk the work life balance.

Happy Mother’s Day!

The Intelligent Email Event – EiQ

It has been a busy few weeks and this conference season is just getting started.

The week before last, I was the keynote signature speaker at EiQ, The Intelligent Email Gathering #EiQGathering. BrightWave and their founder, CEO Simms Jenkins were the guiding force behind this event. My own The Marketer Quarterly (TMQ) was a sponsor of the event that entitled all participants to a  branded slap bracelet that includes a 2 GB USB drive, some of that space is packed with our research and the latest issue of TMQ.

I was honored to be askedDrumming to keynote the innagural event, where I presented new research, “The Connected Consumer.” Just before I took the stage, EiQ kicked off with a local drum core marching band (right).

Then after a lovely introduction from Adobe’s Bridgette Darling, I marched on stage. What was most interesting to me as the signature speaker was William Warren, Founder of The Sketch Effect.

William was stage left and there he listened to my presentation, coloring, capturing it and turning my presentation into a work of art.  If I had seen what was going on while I delivered my talk I would have lost my place. I knew William was doing something, but was not told by the event organizers what he was doing. William went on to do this all day long for every speaker and/or panel.  Well done, EiQ. Sketch Effect

After my keynote presentation, Simms Jenkins started the Q&A, one of the questions included “Is Privacy Dead?” My answer may shock you – and you can find much of that Q&A on my David DanielsTwitter handle under #EiQGathering. That was a fun, quick discussion on the state of affairs.

The event was sold out to capacity, 300 people for a first time event in Atlanta (ATL) is a great turnout.  There were many local brands but The Relevancy Group VP of Research Nick Einstein and I were not the only ones to fly into ATL for the event. There were great cocktail parties and speaker dinners. Thanks @Brightwave.

With little exception, the event went onto be very tactical with lessons and innovations from brands including Staples, Pinterest, Zillow, CarMax, Panera Bread and many more. We all enjoyed that level of detail and these learnings were ultimately integrated into a final Jeopardy Game.

Next up, the Bill McCloskey’s “Only Influencer” Email Innovation Summit in Las Vegas, where I will be keynoting day 2.  After that I hope to see you in New Orleans at the eec’s Email Evolution Conference … and if you are not there, err; see our events page as we continue to travel.

Until next time,

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UK Votes to Leave the EU – David Daniels Live Blog

UK Votes to Leave the EU – David Daniels Live Blog

UK-EU2:16am ET 6/24/16 – UK Votes to leave the EU, The UK has voted to leave the European Union after 43 years in a historic referendum.  Leave won by 52% to 48% with England and Wales voting strongly for Brexit, while London, Scotland and Northern Ireland backed staying in the EU.  UKIP leader Nigel Farage hailed it as the UK’s “independence day” but the Remain camp called it a “catastrophe”.  Read More

2:27am ET 6/24/16  David Daniels writes … Democracy is a lovely thing, but UK leaving the EU will shake up world wide markets, at 2:27am ET on 6/24/16, The Hang Seng is off 959 or about 5% and The Japan Nikkei is off 1286.00 or about 7.92%; early morning trading indicates that markets may/should be closed as SHORTs are raining down right now. (I am not giving stock advice), just reporting the facts of the UK EU exit and Asia markets at this time.  Asia Market Data

2:40am ET 6/24/16  The UK currency (sterling/pound) is taking a beating. The pound is now below 1.37 exchange to US dollar, floor has been 1.34 Follow that 

3:09am ET 6/24/16 Markets are down around from -5% to -9% at this time when the UK markets open, and that site link is down right now … stay tuned.

3:16am ET 6/24/16 hearing that we are waiting on Prime Minister, David Cameron to come out and resign his post because of these measures, this will have tremendous impact not only locally but globally.

3:21am ET 6/24/16 Prime Minister, David Cameron has made tremendous progress in his tenure with equality.  He fought this campaign, thought that UK is better inside the EU union, and the UK people took a different path, but “I do not think that I should be the next captain” to steer them to this choice.  “Delivering Stability will be important, The Bank of England are taking Steps.”   “I have told the Queen … when to act on Article 50”  “Britain is a special country, … and “I love my country and will do what I can do for my country.”   UK Prime Minister Steps Down.

3:40am ET 6/24/16 Labour reaction to Cameron’s resignation, Angela Smith, a Labour MP,  tells the Telegraph: “Labour needs now to show that it can offer constructive opposition in what is going to be a period of terrible political and economic instability for the country. We need leadership that will do that and commit to the very difficult task of helping to unite a very seriously divided nation.”

3:47 AM ET 6/24/16 – Mark Carney, Governor, Bank of England (a US man) – talks about raising “$130 billion pounds raise recently and $600 billion pounds of liquidity plus we will add $250 billion pounds additionally if needed. We promise to function in short-term volatility.  That economy will adjust to new trade over time.”  paraphrasing, but there is access to capital and clearly an injection of it to the market immediately.   Market panic? gold is up.

4:08 AM ET 6/24/16 – EU in Country Markets, France and Germany are down – France CAC40 is off-7.99% today, Germany DAX is off 6.17% and UK FTSE is down at this time at -4,71%  They need help but at what cost? margin?

It is a Matter of Reason

A View From The Relevancy Group Webinar
Often the destinations that we seek are obscured by our past or other elements, join The Relevancy Group webinar series to see how that might be different.

Broken and terrible. I shed tears, reminiscent of my own kids to the reaction when they had to learn the “lock down” drill in the wake of 9/11. Everyday is a day to talk about gun violence and the control of it.

That reality, where you hide under your desk or the new thing for my kids, walk out of the building like a close-line clothes-like chain out of the building, are their reality.

There need to be 3 things that have to happen in our society.
1) Like a new civil rights movement (think women voting, blacks voting, think human rights) a) – we need to change the constitution, that will give the federal government to amend the second right to bare arms, and what we mean by that is what is was then – a single shot weapon. That’s okay. What is not okay, the bill must read, are semi-automatic and automatic weapons.
These weapons are not needed, the community must not be as well armed, as the police or army that serves them. When those second word amendment words were never imagining clips of rapid fire bullets, or perhaps in our future – RAY and Stun Guns. Oh wait – those are legal now too? B) It will take our high court, to make that stance – that interpretation of the original law, which I believe was “you are now under tyranny against the crown, and we are fighting these folks – so with your single shot musket, you have a right to
defend yourself, family and property.” Does this amendment allow me to own
a cannon – no that would be silly, because that is a military device and is outlawed in my state and across the nation to own a cannon or even a nuclear
weapon. So we can change – just like black/white issues, women/men issues,
gay/straight issues – we are a country of change and our President and this congress must show their metal to get this change happening. It can be as simple as starting with Obama picking up Clinton’s Assault Weapon’s ban that George W Bush let lapse when we had 2 wars and terriorists were “everywhere”
– “with us or against us” … well when did assault weapon gun violence start to rise? See Bill had to deal with internal terrorists – David Karche (sp), McVieve (sp) and those national moments with James Brady – helped to build that internal moment … and then there was the Bush Admin – sucking the D*ck of the NRA.

2) COPPA the Child online Protection Privacy Act that was enacted under Clinton/Gore that I helped advocate and have done consulting with businesses
including Disney on how to comply. Well the law is mostly about the
collection of personal private data of those kids. I now call on POTUS and
Congress to extend this to preventing outlets like CNN, FOX, MSNBC – anyone from interviewing kids under 12 that are clearly in shock to give first hand accounts. Even if the parent signs the release, these kids don’t know and
unfortunately it will define their life. Ban this bad poor editorial
practice, and if the news teams can’t get on board and those news outlets
all have online outlets, then I say it breaks COPPA. Enforce it now

3) Mental Illness – it needs to be better classified and the pharma industry makes so much off of meds, what was this young man on? How about the last guy in Portland, and Ohio, and Auara, and and and … obviously bullets kill people, but what is the pattern of phrama people. Again this industry is like the NRA – Obama, has already take on the health industry and well this
is a huge cost of health and perhaps even reason.

So yes, with your political capital Mr. President, you can push/promote all of these issues, even tonight  immediately with a executive order, that might be unpopular, but would immediately create a supreme court test.

F – Congress, start making executive orders and then, let them be tested in
court. That is what needs to happen. He knows what to do.
He just needs to do it.

Hug your kids! Love you! We CAN BE BETTER!

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