Research Subscriber Series – 2017

The Relevancy Group Research Subscriber Series – The 2017 Offering

What is it? An annual subscription to our 2017 research The Relevancy Groupthat includes access to our back catalog of original hypothesis driven research.  Each coverage area will produce 12 original reports in 2017, which should not be confused with our sponsored research which is available for free with registration.  The Research Subscriber Series includes our Relevancy Ring Buyer’s Guides, market landscapes and tactical advice that is based on executive and consumer surveys as well as case studies.  Each report comes with 30 minutes of inquiry time allowing to go one-on-one with the analyst that authored and/or contributed to the research. We provide direct access to answers.

Who are the authors? The Relevancy Group is proud to have the most tenured research staff of any analyst/research firm in the industry. All of our analysts have at least 15 years of experience in their coverage area as a practitioner, industry analyst – or both. Learn more about our team.

What does it cost? Each coverage area is available for $5,000.00 which includes 12 new reports a year plus access to previous Research Subscriber Series from that coverage area. Purchase all three coverage areas and get 32 original research reports and analyst access for $15,000.00 dollars. This is a tremendous discount to purchasing our research on a one-off basis and a fantastic value for any organization seeking the latest analysis. As a former Jupiter Research and Forrester Research executive I also know it is the most affordable comprehensive apporach to delivering the best original research with the most tenured staff.

What are the coverage areas?  There are three distinct coverage areas, yet our analysts do collaborate to ensure that we have a consistent understanding of these disparate topics. The coverage area and research topics for each are as follows:

  • Email/Everychannel Marketing
  • Madtech, the marriage of Martech and Adtech
  • Social Marketing and Publishing

Email MarketingEmail/Everychannel Marketing 2017 Report List            *report titles subject to change

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Report Title Month
Consumer Marketing Trends January
TRR ESP Buyers Guide 2017 February
State of Email Industry 2017 March
Email Acquisition Tactics April
Fast Marketing: A Real-Time Data Case Study May
Email Hygiene Vendor Landscape June
Best Practices Round-up 2017 July
2017 Martech Innovators August
TRR Email Agency Buyer’s Guide 2017 September
Machine Learning in Email Marketing October
Holiday Email Marketing Guide November
Adaptive Content Case Studies December

, $5,000.00 Annually | Questions about this offering – ask us!
Madtech (Martech+Adtech) 2017 Report List *report titles subject to change Identity Marketing       

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Report Title Month
Emergence of Madtech 2017: How DMPs are Enabling People-Based Marketing January
Programmatic Advertising Trends in 2017 February
Mobile Identity Resolution March
People Based Marketing Trends 2017 April
Madtech, DMP Buyer’s Guide 2017 May
State of Identity Management 2017 June
Video Advertising Trends July
Madtech Services Landscape –  Best Practices to Selecting an Agency August
2017 Madtech Vendor Innovators September
Madtech Data – How First Party Data is Being Utilized October
Consumer Advertising Trends November
Beyond The Walled Garden – Growing a New Farm December

ORDER YOUR SUBSCRIPTION HERE, $5,000.00 Annually | Questions about this offering – ask us!Social Marketing and Publishing 2017 Report List *report titles subject to changeSocial Marketing     

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Report Title Month
All About Attribution January
Consumer Social Trends February
Social Acquisition Advertising March
Snapchat – Marketing Guide & Tactics April
Facebook – Marketing Guide & Tactics May
Video Marketing Trends June
2017 Social Vendor Innovators July
Mobile App Marketing August
Social Publishing Landscape September
Customer Experience – Social Listening  Case Study October
Social Marketing Amid Fake News November
The New Paper – Social Publishing Case Study December

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The Relevancy Group Research Subscriber Series

The Relevancy Group Research Subscriber Series provides an affordable way for businesses to purchase a subscription to a bundle of new market research reports.  These bundles provide a substantial (28%) discount of what it would cost to purchase these reports individually.

These original reports feature new data and research from our principal analysts and senior staff members.   The research covers three distinct coverage areas and includes inquiry time with the analyst authors.

Email MarketingEverychannel Marketing/Email Marketing

Lead by tenured industry analyst and Relevancy Group CEO David Daniels. Topics covered include: Email Marketing, Data Integration, Data Hubs, Data Hygiene, Services and Agencies, Real-time Data, Multi-channel Marketing, Database Marketing, Direct Marketing, Martech, Recommendation, Machine Learning, Customer Experience.

Identity MarketingIdentity Management

Lead by tenured advertising and marketing expert and Relevancy Group Principal Analyst Peggy Reinders. Topics covered include: Identity Management, MadTech (Adtech meets Martech), DMPs (Data Management Platforms), Display Targeting, People Based Marketing, Recommendation Engines, Customer Experience, Advertising, Programmatic, DSP (Demand Side Platform)

Social MarketingSocial Marketing

Lead by tenured marketer, business leader, digital anthropologist, and Relevancy Group VP of Research and Principal Analyst Nick Einstein.  Topics covered include: Social Marketing, Social Publishing, Customer Experience, Social Listening, Closed Network Targeting, Marketing Attribution and Analytics, Real-time Data, Mobile Readiness

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The 2016 Research Subscriber Series features 20 reports that include shorter Trends and Tactics Reports, longer Benchmark Reports, as well as the most comprehensive Relevancy Ring Buyer’s Guide Reports.  The individual price for these reports range from $499.00 to $2495.00 but charter members to the Research Subscriber Series get the 20 reports across all three coverage areas for a $20,000.00 annual subscription.  Contact us for a complete research agenda and custom pricing to purchase just two coverage areas.

2016 Research In The Subscriber Series Includes the Following:

Recapping The Adexchanger Programmatic I/O

by Peggy Reinders, Principal Analyst – The Relevancy Group

programmaticioJohn Ebbert and his team did it again. The Adexchanger Programmatic I/O last week was a fantastic event. This time it was in my hometown of San Francisco.

I’ve known John for about 6 years, dating back to my days at General Mills. I was fortunate to have attended the first 4 Programmatic I/O events as well as the first Industry Preview event when John was getting them off the ground. From the first Programmatic I/O at the New York Historical Society to the most recent at the Westin St. Frances in San Francisco, one thing that stands out is John’s ability to compile fantastic content.

More often than not, after attending a conference, I walk away feeling like I didn’t learn anything new. “Same old-same old. Why do I even attend these shows….”

John has a unique ability to get good people to speak about engaging and cutting edge topics. This rang true at the San Francisco event. We heard about Programmatic TV, header bidding, programmaticio2and political digital marketing. He even had a Professor from Stanford that provided an academic approach to designing online marketplaces. Instead of getting George Clooney or the cast of Silicon Valley to draw people in, John has a way of drawing in real people with interesting content. Not many conferences can claim that. As someone who’s programmed conferences before, it’s not an easy task to pull in compelling speakers with compelling content! John has a gift for doing so. And if you’ve met him, you’ll understand why. He’s a genuine, honest, down-to-earth, and simply good guy.

In the spirit of learning new things, here’s what I found to be interesting at #PROGIO.

1. Netflix is a testing machine! They use a conversion model for attribution, which estimates the incremental value of a marketing impression in causing a conversion. Using incrementality-based algorithms, they optimize based on the probability that I signed up with an ad vs. without. This is a model they developed themselves.
2. Ad fraud should be re-named invalid traffic! Moat, a company that helps measure view ability, does not use the term fraud because fraud is associated with criminal activity, which can be confusing and scary for marketers. Moat looks at valid traffic as traffic delivered to a human. So the opposite is true- any traffic delivered to a non-human or bot should be called invalid traffic. Not a bad idea!
3. Facebook Atlas is still alive! I’ve read countless articles about the demise of the Atlas product. I was happy to hear Facebook present their perspective. According to Facebook, they built Atlas features for where the world is going, not where the world is today. Given that people-based marketing is still coming to fruition, the market timing may be a little off for such an advanced tool. Reminds me of DoubleClick Boomerang, the early version of retargeting that never made it off the ground due to privacy concerns.
4. Deloitte Disappointment! I had high hopes for the fireside chat with Andy Main, CEO of Deloitte Digital. Deloitte, Bain, Accenture and other big time consulting firms have been making the move towards digital marketing services. These firms have long standing partnerships with Oracle, Salesforce, and the other big cloud players, which makes the move disruptive to the industry, agencies in particular. After listening to Andy, I wasn’t sure what made Deloitte Digital such a great consulting company to work with. I came away putting them in my bucket of creative agency shops due to an acquisition they made. He had the chance to wow the audience with Deloitte’s key differentiators. Didn’t happen!

Until next time!