Why Your Email Marketing Deliverability is Suffering

Why Your Email Marketing Deliverability is Suffering
By David Daniels

Imagine you are a telemarketer, a sales rep, a call shark that dials for dollars and smiles on every call. Now imagine in this role that 20 percent of the numbers you dial ends in a tone and a phone call statement that says, “You have reached a number that is no longer in service….”

frustrated marketer

This is the experience most email senders face daily and it has negative impacts on their core business objectives. The issue that most marketers encounter is that many of the email addresses on their list are, in plain speak, garbage. They are no good and there are several reasons for this, fraud, bad actors, bots and well, you must download and read this research piece.

Why? Well, here at The Relevancy Group, we figured out that those that are utilizing verification and multi-method hygiene win with revenue and inbox placement repeatedly.

Don’t believe me? I wrote the paper and conducted the research that was sponsored by Webbula.

Read it now and get the recipe to improve your inbox placement.