Many CMOs That Left This Year Won’t be Replaced

Screen Shot 2019-10-25 at 1.12.41 PMNationwide CMO Terrance Williams has announced that he will leave his post next month, after four years in the role.

Williams, who was featured in The Marketer Quarterly’s A Day in the Life of the CMO column, is just one of a number of CMO moves that have happened this year.

Marisa Thalberg stepped down from her post as CMO of Taco Bell (who was also featured in A Day in the Life of the CMO) after four years on the job where she led the company to have record-breaking sales.

Taco Bell has not hired a CMO and has no plans to, instead having SVPs of marketing and advertising, stepping in to cover the executive roles. McDonald’s also has no plans to replace its global CMO Silvia Lagnado when she stepped down in June.

Former Uber CMO Rebecca Messina left in June after less than a year on the job, and the company did not replace her, instead giving her duties to the SVP of communications.

Coca-Cola scrapped the CMO role in 2017 after Marcos de Quinto left, and has handed the duties to its global Vice President of creative.

Nationwide is promoting Ramon Jones, a 20 year veteran to the role.

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