The Value of Competitive Intelligence

The Value of Competitive Intelligence

edatasourceWritten by David DanielseDataSource, Competitive Intelligence Applications, CIA, ROI, Value

About: Published in October 2016, First of its kind research, The Relevancy Group investigates the value of Competitive Intelligence Applications (CIA), as well as spending, adoption, challenges and best practices for selecting a CIA partner. Marketers must invest in Competitive Intelligence Applications (CIA), and implement a systemic process to harness the value of such insight. While one-off projects and market research methods can be helpful, they will not bring the same impact that providers of CIA can deliver. Marketers utilizing CIA enjoy 3x more monthly email revenue than marketers that do not invest in these applications.

We address these topics:

  • The importance of Competitive Intelligence and the tools that are currently utilized
  • Best practices on selecting a Competitive Intelligence Application (CIA).
  • How much should marketers be budgeting for Competitive Intelligence?
  • What are the expected returns on CIA investments?
Report Excerpt: 
If you have not put aside budget for competitive intelligence endeavors you should. Why? Most marketers that invest in this endeavor spend $125,000.00 dollars annually. This approach across all formal and informal tasks may include things such as conferences, association and CIA investments. Clearly, marketers that are not investing in this area are likely to miss out on optimization opportunities and be left behind their competitors. The spending also indicates and underscores that this intelligence is soon to move beyond emerging market sector to perennial budget item served by CIA providers.
The Research: 9 pages, 7 graphics, 2865 words

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