Quantifying the Rise of Mobile Apps & The Value of Deep Linking

Quantifying the Rise of Mobile Apps & The Value of Deep Linking

Branch Deep LinkingWritten by Nicholas Einstein, David Daniels

Branch, Mobile Apps, Deep Linking, Email Marketing, Deferred Deep Linking

About: Published in September 2016, This is the first of its kind research on the topic of deep linking and deferred deep linking. We investigate the rise of mobile apps and the necessity for email marketers to utilize new technology to support deep linking to optimize the mobile email experience. The research outlines mobile app adoption by marketers as well as challenges, aspirations and spending on mobile marketing endeavors. The research provides thorough analysis of deep linking for email marketing including adoption and the value and ROI of utilizing tactics to ensure deep linking works properly.

We address these topics:

  • Adoption of mobile app marketing in comparison to other marketing channels
  • Best practices to imporve the mobile app experiences today
  • How to prioritize deep linking investments and justify them through ROI analysis
  • The role of contextual data in the mobile app email marketing experience.
Report Excerpt: 
Respondents to the TRG Summer Executive Survey rated their mobile app among the most effective channels for driving revenue for their business. When asked to “rate the effectiveness of each channel in terms of delivering revenue results for your business,” more than 75 percent rated their app as being highly or somewhat effective. This high rank puts mobile higher than stalwart channels like paid search and direct mail.
The Research: 8 pages, 5 graphics 2663 words.

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