Recapping The Adexchanger Programmatic I/O

by Peggy Reinders, Principal Analyst – The Relevancy Group

programmaticioJohn Ebbert and his team did it again. The Adexchanger Programmatic I/O last week was a fantastic event. This time it was in my hometown of San Francisco.

I’ve known John for about 6 years, dating back to my days at General Mills. I was fortunate to have attended the first 4 Programmatic I/O events as well as the first Industry Preview event when John was getting them off the ground. From the first Programmatic I/O at the New York Historical Society to the most recent at the Westin St. Frances in San Francisco, one thing that stands out is John’s ability to compile fantastic content.

More often than not, after attending a conference, I walk away feeling like I didn’t learn anything new. “Same old-same old. Why do I even attend these shows….”

John has a unique ability to get good people to speak about engaging and cutting edge topics. This rang true at the San Francisco event. We heard about Programmatic TV, header bidding, programmaticio2and political digital marketing. He even had a Professor from Stanford that provided an academic approach to designing online marketplaces. Instead of getting George Clooney or the cast of Silicon Valley to draw people in, John has a way of drawing in real people with interesting content. Not many conferences can claim that. As someone who’s programmed conferences before, it’s not an easy task to pull in compelling speakers with compelling content! John has a gift for doing so. And if you’ve met him, you’ll understand why. He’s a genuine, honest, down-to-earth, and simply good guy.

In the spirit of learning new things, here’s what I found to be interesting at #PROGIO.

1. Netflix is a testing machine! They use a conversion model for attribution, which estimates the incremental value of a marketing impression in causing a conversion. Using incrementality-based algorithms, they optimize based on the probability that I signed up with an ad vs. without. This is a model they developed themselves.
2. Ad fraud should be re-named invalid traffic! Moat, a company that helps measure view ability, does not use the term fraud because fraud is associated with criminal activity, which can be confusing and scary for marketers. Moat looks at valid traffic as traffic delivered to a human. So the opposite is true- any traffic delivered to a non-human or bot should be called invalid traffic. Not a bad idea!
3. Facebook Atlas is still alive! I’ve read countless articles about the demise of the Atlas product. I was happy to hear Facebook present their perspective. According to Facebook, they built Atlas features for where the world is going, not where the world is today. Given that people-based marketing is still coming to fruition, the market timing may be a little off for such an advanced tool. Reminds me of DoubleClick Boomerang, the early version of retargeting that never made it off the ground due to privacy concerns.
4. Deloitte Disappointment! I had high hopes for the fireside chat with Andy Main, CEO of Deloitte Digital. Deloitte, Bain, Accenture and other big time consulting firms have been making the move towards digital marketing services. These firms have long standing partnerships with Oracle, Salesforce, and the other big cloud players, which makes the move disruptive to the industry, agencies in particular. After listening to Andy, I wasn’t sure what made Deloitte Digital such a great consulting company to work with. I came away putting them in my bucket of creative agency shops due to an acquisition they made. He had the chance to wow the audience with Deloitte’s key differentiators. Didn’t happen!

Until next time!

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