Paris France and Why Location and Big Data Collection Are Good For Life

When I learned of the 11/13/15 Paris France Terror Attacks via an email alert from Twitter, I soaked in the moment, my emotions got the best of me; tears; anger; concern. Thinking of friends and colleagues there as well as every other human that I didn’t know in that city.

I went to Facebook and posted this “We France Flagmust all unite against Terror and stand with Paris, France. Think/pray for the victims, rally for eradicating such moments.” Shortly there after, I changed my Facebook profile picture to an image of the French Flag. I suggested that people use and share this in symbol of support for France against these attacks. Only right.

Why am I writing about this here?  Well Facebook quickly did a fantastic thing. They allowed people, including some friends of mine to share, based on their location and data that they had about these friends of mine to say, that they were okay. Thankfully right now for me and my family, all of our friends across generations have checked in okay. How did we know this within the last hours? Facebook. What would we have done without such a service?

Without such access to Data and Location and format Big Data in this way, that manifests to say this loved person is safe. Well! That is a relevant broadcast of info! If you did not get to reach your US person in France,  please call 1 888 407 4747.
FB Safe

<<-Click to Expand The Facebook Graphic

There is tremendous good that companies can do when they begin to think holistically about the data that they have.   I am hopeful that perhaps the same data exists to focus on and stomp out the evil doers that perpetuated such heinous cowardness acts on innocent humanity.

Data may be one way to focus; but if we don’t hear it all before it happens, then it is too late.

I have lived through Terror loss before, and I pray for the French and the people that will wake up tomorrow alone, without the person that Terror took. These days will get longer, stay strong.

The answers are complicated, but also can be exact like a razor to begin to cut through the most complex issue of our time. This is what we should be discussing, not what a disposable landfill coffee cup looks like. Until then, I look forward to such a discussion of how to eradicate Terror.

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