Video Kills Again! Embedded Video in Email – EVE

videostar1Well you might want to watch or hear this old video  in your background while you read this – This is the time for Video – AGAIN!

It might be because that I am reading the book “VJ” about the birth of MTV when the Buggles suggested that “Video Killed The Radio Star” or it might be that I have been working in the email industry so long that I realize that video as a content element in email marketing makes perfect sense.  Now it does.

Embedded Video in Email or EVE as I like to call it – doesn’t work for everyone, nor is it perfect.  However it is so much better than it was just a few short years ago.   In my latest research, I personally spent months studying the benefits.  Via surveys, interviews and what matters most – does it push the revenue and/or create new efficiency?  Yes, there is lifting to do, but wow, yes wow – when done right Embedded Video in Email can drive results.

embedded-video-in-email-232x300Why is this the right time for video now?  Think of that 88% according to Return Path that check their email on mobile devices.   We are no longer tied to the old school desktop when we have to duck and cover under those desks when someone might suggest video as a content asset.

The time is now – want to be ahead of the curve and figure out the pros and cons of using video?   Well download The Relevancy Group original research exclusively from VideoEmail.

Rewind to 1980, see the future – it is video in a different format, surely you can be a leader now even if you missed that boat then.

Read the research – and go get it for free here.

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