Realizing Agile Email Marketing: The Future of Video, Content, and Context

In a previous ClickZ column, I discussed the importance of adapting to change and the use of responsive design to optimize content rendering. In this column, I will dive deeper into that trend and highlight what Movable Ink refers to as “agile email marketing.”

Agile email marketing is different than the current waterfall process of email marketing campaign production. The current linear process of email marketing production assumes a certain level of rework, particularly as it relates to how testing is achieved in most email marketing applications. The agile approach is centered around the subscriber including up-to-the-minute contextual information, such as their location, time of day, and device. This is married with unlimited variations of content, historical subscriber data, and optimization rules to ensure that the right message is delivered to the right person at the right time. Such an idea is not new, but Movable Ink, a fast-growing New York-based company, has made this a reality for top retailers and brands. What makes its approach even more compelling is that it’s not an ESP; the company makes it easy to cut and paste its capabilities into the marketer’s existing email marketing solution.

Movable Ink just recently announced the ability to use video in its solution, which my firm recognizes as a huge growth area for email marketing. For example, YouTube reports that it has 800 million unique visitors each month and that mobile consumption of video has tripled since 2011. To better understand the opportunity of video in email and agile email marketing, I sat down with Movable Ink VP of Marketing Jordan Cohen.

Read the full column and interview on ClickZ.

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