Paris France and Why Location and Big Data Collection Are Good For Life

When I learned of the 11/13/15 Paris France Terror Attacks via an email alert from Twitter, I soaked in the moment, my emotions got the best of me; tears; anger; concern. Thinking of friends and colleagues there as well as every other human that I didn’t know in that city.

I went to Facebook and posted this “We France Flagmust all unite against Terror and stand with Paris, France. Think/pray for the victims, rally for eradicating such moments.” Shortly there after, I changed my Facebook profile picture to an image of the French Flag. I suggested that people use and share this in symbol of support for France against these attacks. Only right.

Why am I writing about this here?  Well Facebook quickly did a fantastic thing. They allowed people, including some friends of mine to share, based on their location and data that they had about these friends of mine to say, that they were okay. Thankfully right now for me and my family, all of our friends across generations have checked in okay. How did we know this within the last hours? Facebook. What would we have done without such a service?

Without such access to Data and Location and format Big Data in this way, that manifests to say this loved person is safe. Well! That is a relevant broadcast of info! If you did not get to reach your US person in France,  please call 1 888 407 4747.
FB Safe

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There is tremendous good that companies can do when they begin to think holistically about the data that they have.   I am hopeful that perhaps the same data exists to focus on and stomp out the evil doers that perpetuated such heinous cowardness acts on innocent humanity.

Data may be one way to focus; but if we don’t hear it all before it happens, then it is too late.

I have lived through Terror loss before, and I pray for the French and the people that will wake up tomorrow alone, without the person that Terror took. These days will get longer, stay strong.

The answers are complicated, but also can be exact like a razor to begin to cut through the most complex issue of our time. This is what we should be discussing, not what a disposable landfill coffee cup looks like. Until then, I look forward to such a discussion of how to eradicate Terror.

How to Inspire and Collect User-Generated Content

How to Inspire and Collect User-Generated Content

Erik J. Martin | Sep 30, 2015 | The Relevancy Group VP , Nicholas Einstein contributing.

If the last 10 years have taught us anything, it’s that virtually anybody can be an author, photographer, videographer, voiceover talent, or subject matter expert-thanks to ubiquitous tools like smartphones, blogs, and social media sites that allow everyday people to post and publish text, photos, video, and audio galore. Which begs the question for companies: Why not tap into these public resources more often as a free and valuable source of content for your brands and products?


The Marketer Quarterly Email Marketing Awards 2015

BOSTON – Sept. 29, 2015 – The Marketer Quarterly Email Marketing Awards 2015

Submit your best email marketing campaigns and be recognized in Issue 8 of The Marketer Quarterly digital magazine, a magazine by marketers for marketers.

Submissions will be judged by the market analysts and consultants from The Relevancy Group in a quantifiable scorecard driven process. Submissions will be judged on variety of attributes including relevance, utilization of data, creative, and strategy, among other category specific characteristics.

You may submit multiple entries. To do so, you will need to fill out this form multiple times. Each submission is subject to a $150.00 entry fee. Upon submitting this form, you will be asked to enter a valid credit card for processing. The submission deadline is 10/16/15.

Submission Categories:

  1. Best Newsletter
  2. Best Welcome Email/Email Series (i.e. Onboarding, Lifecycle Messages to Convert Actions)
  3. Most Innovative Campaign (i.e. Utilization of Video, Animation, Real-time data)
  4. Best Use of Triggered Email – (i.e. Browse Abandon, Abandon cart, Retargeting)
  5. Best Media Integration – (i.e. Social, Display, Ad Integration, the Marriage of Adtech & Martech).
  6. Best Offer Message (i.e. Coupons, Daily Deal, Promotion)
  7. Best Loyalty Member Email/Offer (i.e. Statements, Offers, Redemption)
  8. Best Customer Experience Message (i.e. Product Reviews, Customer Service, Alerts)
  9. Best Example of Connected Omnichannel Marketing (i.e. Best Message as Part of an Omnichannel Coordinated Campaign, including Offline, Addressable TV, Display, etc.)
  10. Best Subject Line (i.e. Results Oriented, Your Open/Read Rate Has Increased)

Submit your best work today.

Upcoming Webinars From The Relevancy Group

We have a trio of webinars full of great content for you in the upcoming weeks.   The content is all based on research from the The Relevancy Group and offers something for every email marketer.

September 30th, 10am PT, Assessing Your Email Maturity. Adobe & TRG

Join The Relevancy Group and Adobe as we discuss our latest research.  The Relevancy Group CEO David Daniels and Adobe Senior Product Marketing Manager Patrick Tripp will take on a journey that details the differences in email marketing maturity.  Register for free

Evaluating your marketing effectiveness and understanding how you compare to your peers is crucial to any email marketing program. Adobe and The Relevancy Group recently conducted a study that examines email marketing best practices across four key areas: data, content, delivery and strategy. The study also builds upon benchmark data collected for an email self-assessment model that includes three progressive stages of email excellence: Classic, Dynamic and Contextual.
Join David Daniels, CEO and Founder of The Relevancy Group, and Patrick Tripp, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Adobe, to learn:
Key insights gained from the study across email data, content, delivery and strategy
Practical recommendations on how to progress your email marketing strategy
Specific return-on-investment metrics for Classic, Dynamic and Contextual email marketers

Register for free   Listen & Watch The Recorded Webinar

October 13th, 2pm ET, The Value of Multi-channel Real-Time Segmentation. Zeta Interactive & TRG  | Register for free

Join this free webinar and learn how to triple email marketing revenue by utilizing real-time data and automating customer lifecycle messaging. This webinar is based on The Relevancy Group research report “The Value of Multi-Channel Real-Time Segmentation,” which surveyed 300 marketing executives, underscores the value of capitalizing on real-time data. According to the report, marketers that utilize real-time multichannel data generate nearly three times more revenue in their marketing programs than their peers that do not utilize real-time data. Adding automation pushes those results even higher. Marketers that automate customer lifecycle messaging through tactics such as rules-based triggers, drive 133% more revenue than those that don’t.

Learn the challenges and successful tactics necessary to implement real-time data segmentation.

Speakers Include:
David Daniels, CEO & Founder of The Relevancy Group
John D. Polcari, SVP Sales & Marketing, Zeta Interactive

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October 14th, 11am ET, The Value of Coordinated Multi-channel Marketing for Mid-Market Retailers.  QuickPivot & TRG | Register for free

Attend this webinar and learn how to double the performance of your marketing engine. In this webinar David Daniels will discuss the challenges of cross-channel marketing, and outline the remedies and tactics to successfully coordinate your channels to drive revenue improvement.

The webinar will cover the following topics:

The role, performance and future trend of email marketing
The role of print direct marketing in cross-channel marketing
Tactics to improve organizational collaboration across all channels
The importance of marketing analytics and attribution
The role of technology and services in attaining marketing success
Data integration and segmentation strategies
A framework for succeeding at multi-channel marketing

Speakers include: David Daniels and Paul Mandeville

Register for free


The Relevancy Group Releases Industry’s First Buyer’s Guide on Email Marketing Agencies

BOSTONAug. 24, 2015PRLog — The Relevancy Group, a leader in email marketing research and consulting, today released its first ever The Relevancy Ring: Email Agency Buyer’s Guide – 2015. The research analyzes seven email marketing agencies, four Independent Agencies including Alchemy Worx, BrightWave, Merkle and Trendline Interactive and three that are divisions within ESPs (Email Service Providers) including: Acxiom Impact, Epsilon and Yes Lifecycle Marketing. The report sheds light on which agencies provide services that improve the ROI of current email marketing technologies.The Relevancy Ring: Email Agency Buyer's Guide, 2015

The Relevancy Group partnered with a new non-profit foundation A Chance in the World™ to create the analysis criteria for the report. We challenged all of the participants to come up with a detailed communications plan for the non-profit including strategy, analytics and creative ideas to increase donations and engagement with the foundation. The Relevancy Group and one of the foundation’s founders, Tonya Pemberton, evaluated these “pitch meetings.” This research was conducted over a period of four months.

“I am thrilled that we are delivering the first ever buyer’s guide dedicated to email marketing agencies,” said David Daniels, CEO and Founder of The Relevancy Group. “This Buyer’s Guide utilizes our patent pending Ring research methodology which is based on hundreds of quantifiable measures, client satisfaction and input from multiple analyst contributors.”

An excerpt of this research is featured in Issue 7 of The Marketer Quarterly, a digital magazine that is free to subscribers with registration at The report can be purchased on The Relevancy Group’s website

About The Relevancy Group, LLC |

Founded in 2010, The Relevancy Group (TRG) provides market research, survey design and consulting. Working with leading brands, vendors, startups and associations, TRG acts as an educator and trusted advisor, optimizing omnichannel connected marketing strategies and tactics. TRG assists marketers (buyers) to connect with vendors (sellers) and manage the vendor selection process.  Each year TRG represents tens of billions of email messages out for bid for new solution providers. TRG publishes research on email, social, mobile, display, data management, digital marketing, Internet Identity Management, wearables, and the Internet of Things. TRG publishes The Marketer Quarterly, the free digital magazine for marketers by marketers.

Tina Mosetis

G is For Google, My QuickTake on Alphabet

G is for GoogleGoogle is reorganizing under a new umbrella structure called Alphabet, lead by Google co-founders Larry Page as CEO and Sergey Brin as President.

I first met Larry and Sergey when they came into Jupiter to pitch their new search engine.   There is a bit of a funny story to that meeting, but that is a blog or chapter for another day.

Alphabet makes perfect sense.  Google err Alphabet has transformed to deliver something far beyond their original charter. It is much like when a former employer of mine, Apple Computer renamed and re-branded as a broader but yet simpler Apple, Inc.

The genius of GOOG, err Alphabet is that there are so many opportunities for their brilliant minds to contribute to our culture, economy and wellness. Is S for Stem Cell? Read the promise and potential of what Larry wrote in his blog “Good examples  [of Alphabet] are our health efforts: Life Sciences (that works on the glucose-sensing contact lens), and Calico (focused on longevity). Fundamentally, we believe this allows us more management scale, as we can run things independently that aren’t very related. Alphabet is about businesses prospering through strong leaders and independence. In general, our model is to have a strong CEO who runs each business, with Sergey and me in service to them as needed. We will rigorously handle capital allocation and work to make sure each business is executing well. We’ll also make sure we have a great CEO for each business, and we’ll determine their compensation.”

Larry and Sergey have long innovated and it is fantastic to see a business as successful as what we once knew as Google not rest, but rather continue to change and innovate.  That is the new American Business Dream … keep on adding and innovating.

As a CEO of two much smaller businesses The Relevancy Group and The Marketer Quarterly, my companies work together and share synergies, but even alone the deliver their own value.  I am lower case version of Alphabet, but I am so inspired by this change at Google as any entrepreneur should be.

Bravo Larry and Sergey!  Well done, until we meet again.

What is Marketing Utopia and how do we get there?

boboSince the dawn of the web, digital marketers have dreamed of a place where data flowed freely and the needs of our customers and prospects were easily anticipated and met [or exceeded] by our extraordinary omnichannel campaigns.

Last week, the team at Experian Marketing Services announced two exciting enhancements to the Experian Marketing Suite at their annual Client Summit, and made a case that marketing Utopia could actually be found in the desert of Las Vegas.

EMS customers like Jason John from Publishers Clearing House [also a Relevancy Group client] presented several compelling case studies that highlighted the customer centric, cross channel approach that they have been implementing, and the impacts on their businesses. One common theme: user expectation is evolving rapidly, and marketers who aren’t in lockstep, are in trouble. As Jill Ellis, coach of the 2015 world champion US Women’s National Soccer Team [and speaker at the event] tells her players: “you can be on the right track, but if you don’t move fast enough, you’ll get run over.”

The two enhancements announced at the event are designed to add velocity to customer programs.

Real-time, predictive intelligence and automated analytics –

In Vegas, I met with Emad Georgy, SVP Global Product Development, and Justin Orgel, Director Strategic Services, who were both excited about the release of this enhancement that helps marketers predict the performance of cross-channel campaigns through real-time identity and intelligence data.

Predictive modeling isn’t new for many sophisticated marketers, but the real-time nature, and depth of the EMS solution makes it a significant addition to the toolset; recent TRG research highlights the fact that brands are increasingly leveraging real-time data and generating significant return on the investment, so the timing is good too.

Cross-channel audience activation – 

EMS also announced new addressable advertising functionality that enables brands to leverage their first party data [in combination with Experian data, or not] to target audiences online, in mobile, TV, and direct mail.

Differentiators include the support of single campaigns, insights on cross channel attribution, and Experian’s identity and consumer data.

This is certainly a meaningful enhancement to the Marketing Suite, one which I am looking forward to exploring in more detail.

The 1000+ seasoned marketers at #Utopia were treated to entertainment from Salt-N-Pepa, and engaging talks with Stephanie McMahon, Chief Brand Officer, WWE, Inc., Carli Lloyd, Megan Rapinoe, and coach Jill Ellis from the US Women’s National Team, actor Joe Manganiello, and Yael Cohen, Founder, President & CEO, Fuck Cancer, as well as a Keynote from Erik Wahl Graffiti artist, entrepreneur, philanthropist & author, “Unthink.”

Experian Marketing Services produces a first rate event, and throws a tremendous party, but they were a leader in both our 2014 and 2015 Relevancy Ring ESP Buyer’s Guide because their technology and people enable customers to develop and evolve programs in their efforts to achieve marketing Utopia. (Download The Relevancy Group’s Relevancy Ring – 2015 ESP Buyers Guide with registration.)

Thank you to Matt Seeley, Ashley Johnson and Meghan Attreed for the invitation and hospitality, it was great to see old friends, make new ones, and spend a few days enjoying the #suitelife.